5 Surprising Food Etiquette Rules From Around The World

In China, don’t stick your chopsticks in your food:

In China, sticking your chopsticks vertically in your food is considered bad manners because it’s associated with death and funerals. Instead, you should place your chopsticks on the chopstick rest or on the plate provided.

In Russia, don’t start eating until everyone is seated:

In Russia, it’s considered impolite to start eating until everyone is seated and the host has made a toast. This is especially true at formal dinners or gatherings where everyone is expected to be on their best behavior.

Eating is a universal activity, yet customs and manners can vary greatly from one culture to another. Remembering these 5 surprising food etiquette rules from around the world, such as not sticking chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice in Japan, not asking for Parmesan cheese on pasta in Italy, not using the left hand to eat in the Middle East, not sticking chopsticks in food in China and not starting eating until

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