This is What Happens When You Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

Are you a zombie? Not an actual dead person that walks the streets, but someone who can’t function in the morning without a coffee?

Then listen up. Your morning coffee could be causing your body to react in ways you may have never thought possible!

From gallbladder retraction to anxiety, blood pressure to concentration levels, that morning cuppa joe may not be as rejuvenating as you think! Before you wake up and put that pot on, take a minute to think about whether it’s going to kickstart your day, or kickstart health problems!

Here are seven issues with your morning routine.

1. Causes Gallbladder Contraction

If you get gallstones often, then you are going to want to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Doing so can cause your gallbladder to contract, which means it shrinks in size and stops functioning correctly.

You may notice a loss of appetite, sharp pain, vomiting, jaundice, and diarrhea. While it’s not always something about which to be concerned and can be a regular digestive process, it can be painful and uncomfortable!

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